Book Review – Colourful Notions – The Roadtrippers 1.0

Book Review : Colourful Notions – The Roadtrippers 1.0 by Mohit Goyal

Honest Confession: I LOVE travel stories… travelogues, time travel, fictional & non-fictional travel trips. I even love travel movies… so, this book was but a natural choice 🙂

What attracted me? – The lure of a good travel stories involving 3 friends. 2 guys and a girl – now that’s interesting and different and potential for all sorts of drama!

What I liked about the Cover – reminded me of R.K  Laxman cartoons
[p.s. – did u notice how i have made this a separate input – since you know, and I know, that I WILL comment on the cover! 😉 ]

The story started off well enough, with the expected drama of Delhi-ites, parents and the chaos called ‘indian families and friends’. And when in the 1st percent of the book you find a quote like this – well, you know you got the right book in your hands 🙂


The story takes you through an ambitious road trip, the ups and downs of the THREE protagonists – their relationships, comradeship and chemistry. The description of interactions with each other, people and places is written well, almost poetic in some places.

Some passages are so real, I almost feel like he has put in words how I would feel in that moment too – while in AWE of something lovely, yet aware of my basic uneasiness…

…standing on the riverbank and capturing the diyas floating and the crowd raising lights. It looked divine. It’s funny, coz we hated standing there amidst the crowd…

To be honest, in between the story, I was p-r-e-t-t-y irritated with Abhay (come on dude! Get it together!) – but then as I read on and the story unraveled – it got interesting again – A Journey –  literally and figuratively 🙂

I FEEL for The Little Beast 🙂 and so glad it got to see some of the world beyond dilli-ki-galiyan! Actually, I feel we ALL need to travel – go beyond – even if, as in my case, it is an armchair journey!

The Highlight for me was the very interesting encounter they have (towards the end) with a totally unexpected stranger who talked so so much sense that I ended up highlighting sections for my own future reference! (Who would have thought I would get to learn some wisdom from an entertaining book), and had a light bulb go off, same as it did with Abhay & Sasha.

The ups and downs in the trip and with these 3 made it an entertaining read.
Many a times a wished I could pack my bags and join this adventurous silly lot!!! well, the next best thing, I read about them 🙂
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Cheers to being a reader!
May you dream of books & words,

The book was recommended by @Writersmelon & * I received a review copy from them in exchange for an honest review.

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