Book Review – Confused Bastards

Book Review: Confused Bastards by Manav Vig

Honest Confession – When I started out, I didn’t really like it… but, once I was 51 pages in (My thumb rule – I will give every book 50 pages to interest me or else I give up on it (sigh!)!), I got engrossed & enjoyed πŸ™‚

What attracted me? – The book cover again! multicolor and going crazy – Yaay!

The book was recommended by @WritersmelonΒ &Β * I received a review copy from them in exchange for an honest review.

The story is about 3 friends – 3 boy-men from our times today – they are equally confused with life and the options as we are!

The comradeship and entrepreneurial spirit I enjoyed reading about. The language at times used certain abusive words which made me cringe – but as I read through, it flowed and made me realize, that indeed the people of today do tend to speak in a language stronger than ‘considered’ appropriate among our friends.
The writing style generally is smooth, and some lines made me think & re-think certain preconceived responses we have to cliches! and some dialogues/descriptions just made me laugh out loud!

I believe that gut instinct is a strong tool which we must not disregards – I wish the boys have paused in their mad rush to ‘become something’ & ‘do something’ and listened to their own uneasiness. But offcourse, if they had, where would be the drama of the story πŸ˜‰
Their website – (you have to read the full form to believe how funny this author is!) has it’s heart set in the right place, but unfortunately falls prey to the double edged sword, or shall I call it circus of Media and Politicians.

There were some portions/dialogues that made me want to take out my Faber-Castel box & highlight away! Just Brilliant!

My favourite though, has to be the character of Sattu – smart chap! Wish I could catch up over Coffee and have a chat with him someday! I mean, a man who asks ‘Have you spoken to God’ – how interesting is he! (I re-read this part a few times to absorb the sense he spoke).

The scenes are fun, funny & sweet. Dialogues like ‘So Ganesha, wassup man?’ makes you want to pull the cheeks of these characters, grin and roll your eyes!

I wish to read this book again in 2017 – For the fun & sense of it, for the writing style & just coz it made me smile πŸ™‚

Read more about the story blurb on

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Cheers to being a reader!

May you dream of books & words,



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